About us...

A little bit about TPC
My name is Peter Hart and TPC is owned and run by my wife Carol and I.
We started producing designs and printed T shirts at the start of 2016 on very much a part time basis, with me doing my day job as a London Bus driver and Carol working as Operations manager of the
Special Needs department of our local secondary Academy school.

We gradually got busier and busier and were asked to produce sweatshirts, hoodies, Polo shirts and cooks aprons in addition to our mainstay T shirts.
We very much pride ourselves on producing first class garments,
reasoning that if a client receives a great service with a quality product they might just return to us for a second time
and we may then be able to build a relationship that lasts for years.
In November 2016, we became busy enough to allow
me to commit full time to the business. Anything less would have resulted in us not being able to service our growing client base properly.

Since then, we have experienced steady growth with us having to create a separate workshop at home, so now our office and workshop are distinct from each other, albeit on the same bit of land.
We are delighted to say that our original concept of producing first class items in good time has resulted in most of our work coming from repeat custom.
We are always looking for new clients and new ways of working and to this effect have introduced a printed ceramics range that
encompasses mugs in two sizes, latte cups, beer Steins and Tankards as well as computer cut vinyl decals for vehicles and signage.

All the time, we strive to maintain our first principals of buying top quality raw materials and putting them together with the care that only a family business can create.
The ethos behind our website
Because of the tailored nature of all the garments we produce, we've found a general selling website of no real use to either us or our clients. If we were selling 3000 boxes of a single item with the same design then a generic selling website would work. Most of our work is completed either by personal recommendation or by using our facebook page and Facebook group.
Here we can get a proper, hands on feel of what clients want and develop designs, logos and motifs based specifically on requests from clients. We then work using social media and private messaging, including emails to exchange views, images and support our clients much closer than a shop in the high street with a 9 to 5 day can.
What products do we use?
Over the time we've been in business we've looked at many different garment manufacturers, with “Fruit of The Loom”, “Uneek” and “Gildan” being the three main suppliers to the trade.
After sampling all three, we made the decision a good while ago to choose “Gildan”
as our supplier of choice and it’s their clothing that we use.
“Fruit of The Loom” kit is cheap, the sizes always come up on the small side, they shrink after washing and the “feel” to the garment is always quite rough and generally the quality is poor. “Uneek” products are slightly better than FOTL kit both in terms of quality and sizing.
“Gildan” kit, however, in our opinion (and this is subjective comment of course) is always generous in sizing, superbly colour fast and has a real quality soft feel to everything. Not the cheapest, but in my opinion, just the best you can buy and it’ll last many more washes than the others. We have, as you might expect, our own samples that we have printed up and wear all the time using all three manufacturers and the “Gildan” kit is by far the longer lasting. However, there are times when I have no choice but to use these alternative manufacturers, almost always if a client wants something yesterday but I will always state that prior to fulfilling the order. 
This was and is an important decision for us as our reputation lives or dies on the quality of the shirts and clothing we produce.
Likewise I do not produce an embroidered product. We did look at this and to be fair we have it under consideration constantly but we're still to find an embroidery machine that can apply a decent knit to the quality thin substrates that we source. The last thing we want to do, especially as our company is still fledgling, is to provide tops and shirts that will be returned by our clients. We do constantly monitor improvements in technology, normally emanating from the United States and if and when we find a reliable way to produce a quality embroidered product we will. The issue with it is that unless the embroidery is applied to a relatively thick substrate like a sweatshirt or hoodie, invariably the action of the machine will pucker up the substrate and produce an inferior item. In addition it simply isn’t possible to get intricate detail in an embroidered product.

Our solution is to source and buy the best quality printable heat transfer materials from the US. We buy NEENAH papers that are considered in the trade as the best available and print to them using dyes rather than inks. The dyes are heat fixable, so when applied to a substrate with a professional heat press the colours stay vivid and are permanent. We maintain a monitoring presence on the industry forums and as soon as a new product emerges we purchase a sample to try. That way we can stay ahead of the game.
Terms and conditions
Because of the bespoke nature of the products we offer, our terms are pro-forma. That is to say once we agree a price and a delivery date we then produce an Invoice that is payable prior to us ordering the shirts. On cleared funds, we then order up the various sizes and colours and print them up with your agreed designs when the blank shirts arrive. We've only been in business since November 2016 and almost immediately we encountered clients who would order shirts or mugs, we'd get them in, print them in good faith only for the order to be cancelled after we'd committed to the work. We're sure you wouldn’t do that, but once bitten twice shy they say.
However, we will work with you 24/7/365 to support any of our products and most evenings we're communicating with clients to ensure they receive exactly what we've offered and what they want. Not approximately, not almost, but right 100% of the time.
…or use this example to inspire your own ideas and contact me on: